Saturday, May 25, 2013


Catch your MALAY ROCK Legends for a show not to be missed by rock music lovers everywhere!

MEET and GREET for 1st 30 registrants to *sms Green Media with proof of ticket purchased (*normal Telco charges applies). Meet and Greet is at the venue on Fri, 21 June at 5pm.

Green Media Best of SLOW ROCK concert will be headlined by legendary rock singers from the 80-90s eras from Malaysia: Man Bai, Joey BPR and Shima, along with one local rocker, Hanafie Warren.

This concert will bring back rocking good times of your childhood or youth when their songs were sung over and over again and loved by fans across Singapore and Malaysia. This is the first time Hanafie and Shima will be performing together on one stage with the other 2 singers in Singapore.

Award winners or chart toppers, they boast over 30 years collective experience in the music industry, churning out great everlasting hits imprinted into your hearts forever. Green Media will remake history with their popular hits to be performed here as a tribute to their loyal and diehard fans who have been supporting them over the decades.

Artistes’ Profile
Man Bai or Abdul Rahman Osman is a Malaysian rock singer from Johor who began his career in the 1980s. He was previously from the popular band Gersang which was formed in 1981 which made a major breakthrough in the music arena in 1988 through the self titled album, Gersang. Man Bai became a solo artist in the 1990s era and was awarded the “Best Male Solo Artiste” in 1996 at AIM.

Shima or Ku Nazhatulshima Ku Kamaruzzaman is one of the very few popular female rock stars from the 90's era. Known for her high vocal range that mesmerized rock fans, her songs “Setelah Aku Kau Miliki” and “Teringin” became everlasting hits that sky-rocketed her to stardom winning her “Best Female Vocalist in an Album” and “Best Performance” in 1991 and 1993.

Joey or Johari Mat Rozekhi was a singer from the popular band Bumiputra Rockers from Johor which debut in the music scene in 1985. They made hit songs such as “Seribu Tahun Takkan Mungkin” composed by M. Nasir which shot the band’s name to stardom. They are also known with other hits such as “Air Mata Jernih” and “Dari Sinar Mata”. Joey left Bumiputra Rockers in 2012 to become a solo singer after 27 years with the band.

Hanafie Warren is a legendary Singapore rocker and was from the band Unwanted in the 1980s before he went solo. He was popular with hit songs such as “Terperangkap Dalam Sinaran”, “Penyesalan” and “Sentuhan Cinta”. Continuing his rock career singing in music festivals and popular clubs in Singapore and Malaysia, he is touted as the Malay Steve Tyler with his unique style and vocal range.

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